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Behavior Policy

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Every person must cooperate and follow school rules to maintain a school environment that is both conducive to learning and enables each child to reach his/her full potential.

Failure to follow the rules may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Warning
  • Time-out
  • Note or phone call from the teacher to parent(s)
  • Visitation to another classroom with work
  • Disciplinary action by the Principal or Assistant Principal


  • It is the responsibility of every person to help keep the school clean, calm and orderly.
  • Respect all students and adults.
  • Respect rights and property of others.
  • Fighting will NOT be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate suspension.
  • Weapons or TOY weapons are NOT permitted on school grounds and may be cause for
    suspension or expulsion per LAUSD policy.
  • Skateboards, skates, yoyos, and other toys are not permitted at school.
  • Radios, Walkmans and headphones are not permitted at school.
  • Electronic games and all toys including Pokémon cards are not permitted at school.
  • Students are not to leave school unless checked out to an adult by the office.
  • No gum chewing or eating in classrooms or on the yard.
  • Classrooms, bathrooms, and the playground are to be kept neat and clean.
  • Vulgar or profane language is not tolerated.
  • Students are to be in class when school starts. When a child is absent or tardy, he/she must bring a note. Missing the bus or
    waking up late is an unexcused absence. Tardiness is a larger problem than we realize. A child who is habitually 15 minutes
    late misses as much as 8½ full days of learning time each year and creates a disturbance upon entering class causing
    others to lose valuable time.
  • Taking money or possessions from other students through force or threats will be grounds for immediate suspension


  • Everyone will show respect for private property.
  • Students who ride the bus are expected to demonstrate good behavior and follow all bus rules.
  • Upon reaching school, children are to report to the playground and stay in the gated area. No one is to remain outside the gates before or after school.
  • When the bell announcing the beginning of school rings, children are to be in their line-up area.
  • Students are to leave for home immediately after school unless they have permission to stay on the after school playground.


  • Each child is expected to follow the standards established in his/her classroom. It is important to listen to and follow the directions of teachers and aides.


  • Walk to and from the assigned game area.
  • Stay in the assigned game area.
  • Play the games according to established rules.
  • Sit on a bench or stand at your area when not participating in the games.
  • Keep sharp objects such as pencils and combs out of game areas.

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