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We wish to provide a safe, secure environment for our students, staff and parents at 95th Street Elementary School. We have emergency procedures in place and conduct periodic drills to practice lock-downs, evacuations, and search and rescue techniques. Various staff members have also received fire suppression and first aid training. Food, water, and other emergency supplies are stored on campus in the event of a prolonged emergency. Should students be detained on campus during an emergency (such as a natural disaster), steps will be taken to protect and supervise the children until they can return home. The school district will broadcast emergency information on KLCS-TV Channel 58 (or whatever channel your cable service has assigned to KLCS-TV). Parents should also monitor regular radio and television news stations.

Campus Visits: We ask that all visitors sign in at the main office before entering school grounds to receive a visitor's pass or volunteer badge. Gates will be closed by 8:05 a.m. If a parent wishes to visit a classroom he/she is requested to give the teacher advance notification and limit observations to 20 minutes.

Morning Arrival: Gates will be closed by 8:05 a.m. Students who arrive late will come through the Main Entrance on 96th Street and walk to their classroom on their own. Kindergarteners will be escorted by a staff member. Parents/students arriving late will be asked to sign a tardy log.

Leaving During School Day: Adults picking up children during school must come to the Main Office to be identified. Children will only be released to those named on the emergency card. Please keep emergency contact information up-to-date.

After School: High school and middle school students are not permitted on campus after school. The playground is open to children in grades 2 through 5 only.

Emergency Pick-up: After an emergency such as a major earthquake or fire, children may be picked up at the Main Office and specified reunion gates. Identification will be required and children will only be released to authorized individuals. 

School Police: People seeing any suspicious activity in or around the school during non-school hours are encouraged to call school police at (213) 625-6631. You can help prevent theft and vandalism.